Coor was born on March 6, 34 small cabin in Tirisfal Glades. His parents worked as chefs for a small inn known as the Traveller's Rest. He was always helping travelers in whatever way he could ranging from doing their laundry to making a bed for them. By the age of 13 he left for a nearby monastery to train in the light and help more people. His training was finished by the age of 19 and he set out to travel across the Eastern Kingdom helping any who needed it until the age of 24 when he decided to join a few adventurers.

He was part of a small group composed of a mage apprentice named Mar, their leader a paladin named Grade, and an experienced warrior named Therth. For six years the four of them traveled the lands fighting against injustice until a fateful encounter brought Coor home with his friends. The Traveller's Rest was burned to the ground and his childhood home was long since abandoned. Shocked by the destruction his friends vowed to help him bring the people who did this to justice. Unfortunately, they stumbled into the midst of an undead ambush. Coor and his friends fought valiantly but were forced to retreat;in order to insure his friends would be able to get away Grade sacrificed his life and stayed behind to fight the horde. Coor and the others were devastated by the loss of a dear friend and disbanded as a tribute to Grade, since they disbanded the three member have lost touch with one another over time,

Coor resumed his journey across the Eastern Kingdoms and in time was able to return to his former happy self, after a 9 year journey he finally decided to settle down in Elwynn Forest near the waterfall. He went about his days making trips to Stormwind and helping those he could, he was happy with his life until the cataclysm occurred. Unwilling to sit by while so many have lost hope Coor once again swore to fight against injustice and redouble his efforts to helping the masses.

By now he is 53 years old and claims to be slightly senile when asked about his past, or if he thinks he can get a laugh from it. In his age he sometimes falls asleep during more mundane tasks like cooking or cleaning, so far no serious injury has occurred. Even though he is a kind person Coor is somewhat shy around new people and rarely starts a conversation with them, because of this he doesn't have a particular person he is close to.

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