Tirose Faol

Tirose Faol, Son of Alonsus Faol, is a young paladin of noble birth, whom possess the potential of becoming one of the greatest paladins in Azeroth, such as his ancestors were.


Born in Lordaeron after his mother and father fled from Northshire Abbey during the First War, Tirose was blessed by the priests of Lordaeron. When his mother died shortly after his birth, the Church of Holy Light and his father, Archbishop Alonsus Faol, allowed for young Tirose to stay at the church. As a boy he never gave much effort into learning the power of the light. His father later passed of old age and was buried in Tirisfall Glades like many great heroes of the alliance. However when the scourge tore through Lordaeron and defiled the sacred land, his father's grave was left destroyed and forgotten. Now as a man, Tirose seeks vengeance for his father and to take his rightful place among the heroes of the Alliance!

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